About Normal

Lucy & Georgia

Lucy spent a decade wishing for a trusted guide to make learning about sexuality a bit easier - and when no one showed up, Normal was born.

Georgia is Normal’s in-house sex coach. As a certified sex coach, Georgia has helped hundreds of clients one-on-one with overcoming their sexual issues. She also educates thousands of people every day on Instagram and through her media appearances.

Sex shouldn't be confusing.

It's 2021. The sexual revolution was fifty years ago!

We don't need to feel confused, awkward or ashamed about exploring sexuality.

But it still feels hard to get the information and guidance that helps you:

We need to talk about sex (more, and better).

And the tools we do have - like pornography, movies, TV, social media and the people around us - are often giving pretty mistaken advice about what works.

At NORMAL, we think sexual wellness should be stress-free, stigma-free and regret-free. We think learning about sex should feel easy, fun and informative. So we’re bringing you the grownup sex education you wish you got in school.

It's about supporting your journey.

And we called it NORMAL for a reason - because there’s no 'correct' way to enjoy sexuality, no one 'normal' that we're supposed to fall into. Our bodies, desires and experiences all make us unique. At Normal, we're not here to tell you what your journey should look like. We’re here to help you explore, enjoy and find what works for you.